Using Vintage Rugs in Modern Decor

Storytelling has always been a big component of interior design and nothing tells a more compelling story than a vintage rug. Whether it is an updated vintage rug of some age or a new vintage style design, it can offer a customer more than just a lively statement for the floor.

The antique designs are imbued with an exceptional an unbeatable sense of history and travel. It is the unique aesthetic that every handmade vintage rug brings to a room that cannot be replicated. This one-of-a-kind character fits perfectly in today’s interior design trends, in which every homeowner wants to express their own individual style. Buying off the rack is not for today’s design conscious buyers. The vintage look is a way to bring some soul and personality into a space.

The versatility of vintage rugs is also an important factor. Take a visit to any Decorator Show House and you will see the innovative way vintage rugs are used within multiple different room looks, from Golden Age glamour and Cottagecore patterning to a more pared back Modern Country style. Layer them up together or team them with plain grounds or textures and they will ensure a cohesive and invigorating setting. Traditional furniture or modern pieces can work equally well with the vintage look. Decide to change your whole decor aesthetic and the vintage rug will stay in tune with a room revamp.

Added to this, handmade vintage rugs have been made to last. Woven in natural materials such as wool and silk, they are durable and should become the antiques of tomorrow. Over the last five years, the drive for sustainable products has become increasingly important within the world of design. The idea that it is good for the environment to invest in high-quality durable products crafted in natural materials is being taken on by a growing crowd of buyers of all ages.

It is clear that whatever your style, no modern interior should be without a vintage rug.